Some reasons why you should use stone coated metal tiles.

Stone Coated Metal Tiles

Stone Coated Metal Tiles

Strong & Light Weight – As compared to ordinary clay tiles, Metal roofing tiles are very strong, this is due to the base that makes the product; that is STEEL. It is also unbelievably light : in comparison with concrete, clay weighs 6 times that of Metal Tiles.

Environmentally Friendly – The product is environmentally conscious, less timber is used and therefore less destruction of our forests. Around 70% of the contents used are recyclable.

Heat Resistant – As compared to other roofing products Metal tiles are known to be resistant to house fires, in fact, research shows that a house can burn down leaving the tiles intact.

Cost Effective – Due to the simple installation method of interlocking tiles, labor is greatly saved. Long term effects of costs are avoided due to its lack of maintenance nature.

Color Diversity – the product comes in a wide range of colors to suit your preference, unlike clay tiles that have standard colors due to the nature of the process used in manufacturing, Metal tiles can be availed in almost all colors.

Leakproof – the interlocking nature of the product ensures that the roof cannot leak under normal circumstances. As long as the product is installed as per specifications chances of leakage are very low.